In my twenty three years of shooting portrait photography, I have come to cherish the opportunity to discover and capture the essence of the people in front of my  lens.  I shoot them as I see them in the perfect moments and the beauty of life.


I've learned to take this philosophy into graphic arts and cinematography where I strive to create images that capture the feeling my subjects and subject matter.  When you have captured that, you've captured attention.





Robyn Adamson had a love of art and a vivid imagination as a child that led her to her careers as actress, writer, photographer, cinematographer and director. These entwined skills culminate in an innate ability to tell a story.


Robyn’s professional career started as a teen, when she lent her talents as a make-up artist to high fashion models. Her people skills soon propelled her into the talent agency business, where she worked as the New Faces Director for the acclaimed KLC Talent. While working in this capacity, she developed a close relationship with Casting Director Catrine McGregor, CSA, who saw Robyn’s natural ability as an actress; and yet another aspect of Robyn’s creative careers was launched. Over time, Robyn has acted opposite film greats such as Gary Oldman, Margot Kidder and Tess Harper.


In the early 90’s, Robyn Studied English in college and opened her first business as a graphic designer for Liquid Graphics.  The mid 90’s brought the world of photography to Robyn as she began shooting models’ portfolios, and by 1997 Robyn had returned to the entertainment industry as the owner of Studio Talent Management and represented some of Utah’s top talent.


In 2004, Robyn became VP of Business Development for the Academy of Performing Arts, a children’s theater and performing arts school. During her tenure in this position, she helped to bring thousands of dollars in scholarships to the at-risk youth who studied at the Academy as well as vital programs to students from all over the Salt Lake Region.


As Robyn’s acting and photography careers progressed, she enrolled in an upper education design program. Her major morphed into Film, and Robyn is now attached as a writer, director and cinematographer on several feature film projects.


Robyn looks forward to her future in the film and advertising businesses as she continues to expand her horizons.